Law Enforcement and Physical Security



Law Enforcement and Physical Security

Police forces face difficult challenges every day. Utilizing Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) can vastly enhance the ability for police departments to ensure and enforce public safety, providing assistance for police to more efficiently and effectively perform their duties.

Tracking Targets

The use of drones is more effective that helicopters when searching for individuals. Drones can be deployed in seconds, compared to the time to arrange, prepare, and deploy a helicopter. Drones can be deployed by officers on the scene, who have a better understanding of the situation and where to locate targets. UAVs are also exponentially more cost-efficient than helicopters.


Thermal imagery is instrumental in detecting targets in dark environments.

Aerial coverage is the most effective method for outdoor searches for individuals. Drones can now provide the same quality imagery as those employed via helicopters, at a fraction of the cost.

Drones utilizing thermal imagery significantly reduces the threat to officers and canine units when searching in the dark. Officers searching for targets via drones keeps protective units out of harms way.